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Here in Cincinnati, there is a nonprofit organization called the Music Resource Center. Think of the Boys & Girls Club or YMCA but, it's focused around teaching music production and performing arts to kids who wouldn't normally have access. The information and technologies that make careers in music possible are all readily available to them at the Music Resource Center.


I started volunteering at the center this year and the staff and kids have become part of my extended family. This staple in the lives of so many kids needs funding to keep running so, In doing my part to help the center and asking for your help, for a limited time, I'm Posting my new album up for sale with 50% of all profits being donated to MRC for their fundraising campaign.  

I'm including a link to the center's website so you can see the great things that happen there every day, as well as share this with anyone who may want to get involved in the organization.

Click the name to go to the site


Anything that you Donate using the button below, 100% will go straight to MRC! All transactions are handled by PayPal and are Secure. Thank you for your support!

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